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Miller Welding | Partners | Hendrick Motorsports

Hendrick Motorsports

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Miller Welding

Miller Electric Mfg. Co., with headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin, manufactures arc welding and cutting equipment designed for manufacturing, fabrication, construction, aviation, motorsports, education, agriculture and marine applications. Wholly owned by Illinois Tool Works (NYSE: ITW), the company maintains its global leadership by setting the industry standard for reliability, quality and responsiveness. Its famous tagline, “The Power of Blue®,” is inspired by the blue color of Miller equipment.

This company began with an innovation that responded to customer needs, growing from a one-man operation to the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment. Miller keeps the tradition alive by focusing on its top priority: people.

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Proud to be a pipe welder? Check out our Pipe Welding video playlist for tips and benefits: http://t.co/Jq5MYaxV4J #welding

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 09, 2015 05:55pm

Attending the Annual NATM Convention & Trade Show this week? Stop by our booth (345) & check out the show schedule: http://t.co/2PcUqO7nsY

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 09, 2015 04:15pm

Not just a typical security door, this welded version features ornate lion figures. http://t.co/R3abHIc58u http://t.co/7LL3nRGWBU

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 09, 2015 01:27pm

Congrats! MT @ElaineLarsen: An amazing night @MillerWelders jet dragster. 1st win of the season @IHRA @LMS_Paige http://t.co/tA2dLTPVw2

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 09, 2015 11:58am

Start the week off right and #strikeanarc

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 09, 2015 10:00am

Here’s to the weekend, welders! To all the weekend warriors, #WeldOn

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 06, 2015 06:01pm

Video: Intercon Construction gains time & productivity with Trailblazer 325 welder/generators with Excel power & EFI. http://t.co/TOauRx0OBt

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 06, 2015 04:35pm

Watch: Auto-Set technology makes your next job easier by automatically setting wire feed speed and voltage. http://t.co/vYMos9yVxl

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 06, 2015 02:05pm

Have you planned which #welding events to attend? Check out the @AWSHQ 2015 Conference page for upcoming ones: http://t.co/5NfvP9Xusw

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 06, 2015 12:10pm

@Electric_Coyote Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 06, 2015 11:17am

Dual-padded palms on Miller Work Gloves get you through the toughest jobs. Check them out: http://t.co/VbZi9bk3M3

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 06, 2015 09:50am

Watch: Sheet metal manifold repair using the Dynasty 200 TIG welder balance and frequency settings for quality welds. http://t.co/NMKVH4U40j

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 05, 2015 04:45pm

WATCH: TIG #welding stainless steel dairy parts http://t.co/zRCON6amVD

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 05, 2015 02:31pm

@weldingmagazine Thanks for sharing!

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 05, 2015 02:31pm

Looking to save time and money? Upgrade to ArcReach technology to eliminate trips to the power source. Learn more: http://t.co/aLSmlqFTc1

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 05, 2015 12:15pm

An innovative technology, the ProHeat Rolling Inductor improves efficiency and safety when preheating rolled pipe. http://t.co/NOFn8f2xsW

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 05, 2015 10:01am

Looking for your next #welding project? Join the discussion on our Welding Projects forum and find inspiration. http://t.co/u92Zae0K9E

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 04, 2015 05:35pm

Miller is a proud sponsor of the 2015 ARP/Street Rodder Road Tour. Want to join the fun? Register for a tour stop: http://t.co/y333Yr6qpF

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 04, 2015 02:40pm

Welding in the construction industry? Check out our Construction #Welding video playlist. Watch here: http://t.co/U44G9FuFhG

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 04, 2015 12:20pm

With new ArcReach technology, welding operators see increased efficiency, safety and profitability. Learn more: http://t.co/8SR7mjYy1O

@millerwelders Tweeted: Feb 04, 2015 09:55am