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Hendrick Motorsports Blog Feed http://hms.studiomailer.com/ Latest blog posts from Hendrick Motorsports. en-us <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about his upcoming K&N races]]> This is the first blog post for “Catching up with Chase.” About once a month, the Hendrick Motorsports driver will take time between high school classes, racing in various series and just being a teenager to let us know how he’s doing. Currently, Chase and his team are preparing for back-to-back events in the NASCAR K&N…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Tire changer Tanner Andrews recalls his journey from wrestling to racing]]> It started with a phone call.

After spending four-and-a-half years at Northern Michigan University wrestling for the United States Olympic Education Center, I was looking for my next calling in life. In those years, I met many of the goals I set out to accomplish. I had wrestled in the U.S. Open four times, placing fourth my last year in…]]> <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about the World Series, sports connections]]> DAWSONVILLE, Ga. - We’ve sort of pumped the brakes on racing here lately. Most recently, we ran in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East last month at Dover (Del.), and since then I’ve raced some in super late models. But really, we’ve had a little bit of downtime with the way the season runs so I’ve had more time to focus on…]]> <![CDATA[Machinist Kevin Moler blogs about his championship engine build]]> Growing up in Nyack, N.Y., I dreamed about working for a race team. I got my first break managing and building engines for a kart racing team before making the move to Hendrick Motorsports where I’ve spent the last 12 years as a machinist in the engine shop. I’ve always loved the competition of racing, and one of the highlights of working…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Former Alabama linebacker trades crimson and white jerseys for firesuits]]> The final whistle had blown, signaling the end of the of the 2009 college football National Championship game between The University of Alabama and The University of Texas.  

And we – the Alabama Crimson Tide football players — were now champions.

As the echoes of the whistle mixed with the roar of thousands of victorious…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Andy Papathanassiou discusses what to it takes to go "Over The Wall"]]> Racing works opposite most other sports in that we can’t rely on peak performance to carry us to victory. A simple example of this is if we look at a race team’s performance through the course of a NASCAR race. You can put on a dominating performance and be on your way to victory when all of a sudden the engine fails. Well, no matter…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Nos. 5/24 pit coach and former NFL scout Chris Burkey recalls his journey]]> Many NASCAR enthusiasts live for the drama of the track; the daring passes, the constant risk of collisions and the tension of a close race to the checkered flag.

But in my eyes, the most interesting part of the race is what takes place in 12-second increments – the pit stops.

As a former collegiate athlete, the physicality of…]]> <![CDATA[Dale Earnhardt Jr. blogs about his 2013 National Guard paint scheme]]> With the offseason ahead, we typically start asking ourselves what we think about our paint schemes. We discuss if there is anything that could be better or changed, and the National Guard was up for some changes so we reviewed the blue-and-white look the No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet currently runs. And then we reversed it. It’s a…]]> <![CDATA[Caleb Hurd blogs about returning to Phoenix after the recent test]]> CONCORD, N.C. – This weekend, we’re heading to Phoenix International Raceway with plenty of notes from last month’s two-day test session. After our No. 24 team here at Hendrick Motorsports won there in February, the track was repaved. NASCAR gave us the opportunity to have a test out there in October, and during that time, we got…]]> <![CDATA[#EnduranceWeek: Spotter Kevin Hamlin blogs about the 600]]> The 600-mile event at Charlotte (N.C.) Motor Speedway is one of my three favorite races of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season. It’s at home so the garage is packed with people you know. There’s a ton of hype, and bragging rights are on the line. We’re hoping to defend our win this year.

Endurance is key in this race, and spotters…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: From football to racing, coach Darius Dewberry shares his story]]> I grew up in Fort Valley, Georgia, a small town with just three stoplights and less than 10,000 people.  It’s the kind of place where life is slower, the peaches are sweeter and everyone makes time to attend the local high school football games on Friday nights in the fall. A close-knit community, there’s a deep sense of camaraderie…]]> <![CDATA[Andy Papathanassiou blogs about the new pit training facility at Hendrick]]> As pit crews train more and more like athletes from other sports, it has become important to upgrade our facilities to keep pace with the fitness requirements we put them through.  The big teams all have gyms that contain machines and equipment vital to the organization’s strength and conditioning program.  To build a faster pit…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Aero specialist Steve Bergh talks Talladega]]> Building a speedway car for a track like Talladega (Alabama) Superspeedway is like putting together a giant puzzle with tiny pieces – if you were doing it in slow motion. The process is a crawl; a slow and gradual evolution.  Little by little, the car is assembled and perfected. And from step one until the finishing touches, not one stone…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Machinist Ron Bates shares his story]]> In celebration of Hendrick Motorsports’ 30th anniversary, HendrickMotorsports.com is taking a look at some of the folks who work diligently behind the scenes for the 11-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champions. Today’s blog is by Ron Bates, machinist in the Nos. 48/88 shop:

Most people see the Hendrick Motorsports Victory Bell…]]> <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about new season, Martinsville Truck testing]]> New season. New number. New league. These are a few reasons why I can’t wait to get my 2013 NASCAR season started. But the biggest is another year to partner with Hendrick Motorsports as well as Aaron’s and Hendrickcars.com.

This year, I’ll drive the No. 94 Aaron’s Dream Machine/Hendrickcars.com Chevrolet in the NASCAR…]]> <![CDATA[Lance McGrew blogs that preparation, relaxation key during offweek]]> When NASCAR changed the schedule, there were some mixed emotions about having a weekend off so early in the year, but it’s a good thing if you ask me.  Just getting a minute to catch your breath after our first three races — Daytona and crisscrossing the country a couple times — it’s nice to know you can spend a little…]]> <![CDATA[Greg Morin blogs that practice helps in pit road crash repair]]> When it comes to pit stops, our crews have to be prepared for more than just changing tires, making adjustments and adding fuel to Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet or Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s No. 88 AMP Energy/National Guard Chevrolet on race day. If one of our teams is involved in an incident, our over-the-wall teams have…]]> <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about winning at Pocono and racing at Road America]]> This past weekend at Pocono Raceway with the ARCA Racing Series has been one that I will never forget. Just having the opportunity to race there meant the world to me and getting to go to Victory Lane put it over the top.  It was…]]> <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about his summer at Hendrick Motorsports]]> This summer, I’m learning that sometimes it’s a good thing to be a fish out of water, so to speak. It gives you an opportunity to learn, and that’s really what I’ve spent the first part of my summer doing. This year has been such a fun time, juggling school while running in the late model ranks and the K&N Pro Series…]]> <![CDATA[Martin blogs that he"s ready for more fun in second half of 2011]]> Can’t believe we’re at the halfway point of the 2011 season already. Man, time has been flying by, and you know, they typically say that when you’re having fun. I know we’ve had our moments, but I think the No. 5 team and its fans could stand to have a little more fun. I know you guys are as frustrated as my team and I are.…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Design engineer Nathan Carter reveals his passion outside of racing]]> You’ve been training for this exact moment for months. Your heart is pounding as you step up to the line, ready and in position.  You visualize the perfect run – staring down the A-zone of the paper target in front of you. The one phrase flashing through your head is, “Trust in your training and follow it.” Then you…]]> <![CDATA[Nos. 5/24 setup mechanic Adam Emmert blogs about Pit Crews for Kids]]> Of all the things I’ve had the opportunity to do with Hendrick Motorsports, I’d have to say that participating in Pit Crews for Kids has been one of the most rewarding.

For the past three years, I’ve joined other crew members — both from Hendrick and elsewhere in the racing community — for the trip to visit leukemia…]]> <![CDATA[Ken Howes discusses 2011 competition changes]]> Fans can expect to see several competition changes when the 2011 season opens at Daytona. Notably, there’s the new nose, the elimination of the catch-can man thanks to a new self-ventilating system and new rules on tire allotment. Most of the changes are geared toward saving teams money, but each will take some getting used to.

With…]]> <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about strong start to 2012 season]]> I’m pumped to report that my team was able to start the season off right with a win during the SpeedFest Pro Late Model event at Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, Ga., recently. While we came out on top and were able…]]> <![CDATA[Marshall Carlson welcomes you to our new website in his blog]]> On behalf of everyone at Hendrick Motorsports, thank you for visiting the new and improved HendrickMotorsports.com. We’re excited that you’re here, and we hope you’ll come back often.

After making the decision to revamp our official website, the first thing we did was seek input from the people who use it most – our…]]> <![CDATA[Steve Letarte blogs about gearing up for Daytona Speedweeks]]> With the Daytona 500 fast approaching, the next couple of weeks are going to be very exciting at Hendrick Motorsports.  Don’t expect the lights in the Nos. 48/88 shop to shut off any time soon because we’re working around the clock on all the fine details. I believe Daytona is all about the details. The last week leading up to it…]]> <![CDATA[Kurt Romberg explains what the new nose will mean for aero at Daytona]]> When it comes to a race car, the slightest body modification can have a huge effect on its aerodynamic properties on the racetrack. Just take a look at the new nose NASCAR has given all competitors for the 2011 season. We have prepared our cars for Daytona with that change in mind.

Aerodynamically, the biggest change is on the outer edges…]]> <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about the close of 2011]]>

This last month or so really has me asking myself, how on earth can life get any better? Truly, this might be a short blog because I’m still at a loss for words. First, my fans gave me an awesome birthday present by voting for me as the  <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about his 2013 season]]> 2013 has been a year that I will never forget. I am so thankful for the opportunities I had this year and owe it all to everyone who worked on the Aaron’s Dream Machine/Hendrickcars.com Chevrolet.

We started building momentum after finishing fifth in our first NASCAR Camping World Truck Series start at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway and…]]> <![CDATA[Video blog: Getting to know Dave McLain, simulation engineer]]> Dave McLain is a simulation engineer, and his efforts help Hendrick Motorsports prepare for each NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race weekend.

<![CDATA[John Gianninoto blogs about his first over-the-wall experience]]> I joined Hendrick Motorsports as a developmental pit crew member in September. Formerly an offensive lineman from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, I didn’t have a racing background, but knew I wanted to continue my athletic career in a team sport.

Even without previous racing experience, after training daily as both a fueler and…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Darrell McDonald recalls Hendrick Motorsports" first win at Michigan]]> It was just an ordinary day in 1990. I had stopped by a local Busch race team in Lake Wiley, South Carolina, and was browsing around the shop. This wasn’t anything unusual for a guy like me. With a background in machinery and a strong passion for racing, my purpose in the shop that day was simple — to learn as much as I could about the…]]> <![CDATA[Ben Fischbeck blogs about his trip with the Nos. 5/24 teams to Victory Junction]]> There’s just something incredible about visiting Victory Junction, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go twice now with my team members here at Hendrick Motorsports. Last week, a group of us from the Nos. 5/24 shop went to the camp for its NASCARnival. We performed live pit stops, played games and even danced with the campers…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Tony Bunnell recalls the 1986 Summer 500 with Tim Richmond]]> Thirty days. That’s how long Harry Hyde gave me to make a good impression on him upon my arrival at Hendrick Motorsports on July 9, 1984. Harry was the crew chief for the No. 5 car of Geoff Bodine at the time and other than Mr. Hendrick, he was the boss at the top of the hill.  If he liked me after 30 days, I could keep working as a body…]]> <![CDATA[Chase Elliott has double-duty Thursday night in Richmond]]> Today is a big day for us here at Richmond (Va.). First, my team is gearing up for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event, which will be held at 7 p.m. ET. From there, I’ll go directly to Denny Hamlin’s charity event at the .75-mile racetrack. I’m looking forward to both of them for different reasons. If you can’t be here,…]]> <![CDATA[Chase Elliott blogs about racing at Martinsville and Rockingham]]> Well, the next chapter of my racing career has officially begun. These first two weeks of racing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series have been an incredible opportunity for me and the No. 94 Aaron’s Dream Machine/Hendrickcars.com Chevrolet. We’ve been able to not only run inside the top 10, but finish there as well. Everyone here…]]> <![CDATA[#Hendrick30th spotlight: Mechanic Brad Pickens recalls 2003 Darlington win]]> The date was Aug. 31, 2003, and the South Carolina sun was beating down on everybody at Darlington (S.C.) Raceway. I was a gas man going over the wall for then-Hendrick Motorsports driver Terry Labonte. And let me tell you, it was scorching hot. It was so hot that some of the drivers were starting to feel fatigued. But not Terry – he just…]]> <![CDATA[Elliott blogs about his spring break]]> This spring break, I decided to skip the beach and hit the shop. It paid off big time because we were able to get the No. 9 Chevrolet into Victory Lane at Gresham Motorsports Park during the Beau Slocumb…]]> <![CDATA[Tire carrier Kevin Harris blogs teamwork, fitness key to solid pit stops]]> Our pit crew and strength coaches emphasize that one of the major components in becoming a successful pit crew is giving 100 percent in our fitness and training program. No one individual performance can bring success. We are dependent upon each other to pull off the perfect pit stop, which can make the difference in Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s success…]]>